WowZapp A Lifestyle Revolution Has Started!


What Can WowZapp Do?

Stay in touch with your friends with WowZapp!

Send everything- texts or voice texts to story boards and polls.

You can do all that and… add fun stickers, drawings, sound effects, and much more!



With WowZapp, don’t limit yourself to using emoticons and “LOL”s to express yourself.

Poke your friends with witty comments and Snappy comebacks.


WowZapp’s unique StoryBoard feature let’s you say exactly what you want with fun photos, either yours or from an online photo album.

Take a picture, add your StoryBoard Sticker to it, send it to a friend and have them add their own Stickers and style.

Add your voice to the photo and keep right on adding StoryBoard until you’ve said it all!


Create a Photo Poll

Ladies… Not sure which dress to wear for an upcoming dance or date? Send a PhotoPoll to get your friends’ opinions.

Take up to four photos, send them out to your friends, get their vote, and pick your dress. Now have a great date!

Create a Text Poll

You and your friends can’t decide where to go to dinner tonight, use the text poll to send up to four choices to your friends and get the results instantly as they vote.


Voice Messages

Sometimes the only way to say what you mean is to say what you mean. Simply record your voice using WowZapp’s private voice messaging system.

You can even combine it with other WowZapp content, VoiceStickers, and StoryBoard to create the perfect message.


Fuse all your WowZapp content (including StoryBoard, VoiceStickers) into one continuous message that broadcasts everything you want in one message.



Enough said!