Making It Yours

With all these features, we really had a great idea, and we believe a way to change the way we communicate from now on. There was just one last thing to make all of the puzzle pieces come together.
See while we are great programmers, we know we aren’t the most creative people in the world, not even close.

So we knew we needed a way to come up with great content for the app. There needed to be not just a few simple smiley face emoticons, or a couple of sound effects, but literally thousands of them to cover every possible scenario.Thus was born the content store.Yep someone was on their tablet surfing the app store and said, whoa! We can take this idea and use it for content, that way people could create content and share it with all their friends.

Got the perfect animation? Maybe a priceless sound effect? Yep now we could take that content and share it with our friends and family. So now Grandpa Ron could record a sound of his grand baby chuckling, and share it with all the family who could then include it in all their messages.

But we also knew there would be some people out there that could create really spectacular content, and they would want to share it with the world. So the content store allows users to create content, and then share it with the entire world in an organized fashion. Now like getting an app for your phone, you can quickly and easily get that perfect Comicon or a birthday card animation.

We also wanted to reward content creators. It can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars in labor to create an awesome content pack, so we wanted to allow users to sell their content as well. Just like app developers do for phones, now our content creators can give away their content, or offer it for sale and get a percentage of the price paid