Time Frame

We are currently in beta for iOS version, and plan to be in beta for Android version at the end of September. This beta will be open to Kickstarter contributors during the Kickstarter fund raising phase.This will be a time when you can play with the app and give us your true opinions.

Because as great as we are, we know someone is going to find a bug or come up with a better way to do things. If all goes well, we will also be launching Mac OS, Windows 8, Windows RT (Surface) and Windows Phone versions to beta by the end of September. We are already working on developing these versions and now that Surface and the Windows Phones are available, we will be working to test on those and get ready for you guys to chat it up.
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Finally We Can Communicate

Now we had a way to communicate, we could bring expression, emotion, passion to our messages. But that was only part of the problem. All this new super human communication power didn’t do us any good, if it was limited to a select few.So we dug deep into our super-secret layer, and we found the answer, hidden away in a deep dark corner, our programming guides.
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Making It Yours

With all these features, we really had a great idea, and we believe a way to change the way we communicate from now on. There was just one last thing to make all of the puzzle pieces come together.
See while we are great programmers, we know we aren’t the most creative people in the world, not even close.
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Stitching It All Together

image2All these types of messages were great, but they didn’t really do us any good if it was difficult to send to someone or we couldn’t control how they played out on screen to make sure it was just perfect. Nobody likes to send a long text message and have it show up all out of order. It makes it confusing and hard to read.

Now imagine if we wanted to send a text, Comicon, Animation, and Sound effect all at once, and they came out of order. You would have your bowing emoticon before your speech, and your applause sound effect would come before your voice diatribe. We just couldn’t have this. So we used our super human programming powers to create a way in which messages could be played out, and guaranteed to play out in the perfect order, just like a movie. (And then we filled the 64 page patent on that creation).
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We Needed Some Feedback

We had some great ideas, but we needed to get some feedback. Then as our oversized brains started to smoke, we had it. How many times have you needed to get your friends/family to make a decision or give their opinion, but they just couldn’t all agree on something, or there wasn’t a good way to give them choices.

Having 9 kids (5 of mine, and 4 foster kids), I run into this problem all the time. Ask what everyone wants for dinner, and the next thing I know, it’s like World War 3 trying to get everyone to agree. So this kicked off the sparks and ignited the flames. In order to truly communicate, we needed a way to combine everyone’s thoughts. And this was born the ability to send a quick poll to everyone, and see the results compiled right there before your very eyes.
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Express Yo’Self

When we came up with the idea for WOWZAPP, we wanted to create a better way to communicate using technology. How many times have you typed a text message and wished you could draw something out. How many times have you thought “man if I could only say that in that perfect voice and send that it would be so funny”.
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Communications Doldrums

dimitrosIn the beginning of time we communicated with grunts, finger pointing, and animated sound effects. As time progressed we express our communication more intuitively by adding cave paintings and frame animations by drawing out different frames of events on cave walls. But then our communications started to go downhill as we invented more advanced ways of communicating.

Sure the written word became far more powerful, but as we started sending letters via runners on papyrus paper, we lost some of the ability to communicate our emotions and feelings that we had with direct face to face conversations.
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