Express Yo’Self

When we came up with the idea for WOWZAPP, we wanted to create a better way to communicate using technology. How many times have you typed a text message and wished you could draw something out. How many times have you thought “man if I could only say that in that perfect voice and send that it would be so funny”.

We got tired of the limitations of modern communication. As a mid-thirties old geezer to my kids, I was starting to feel out of touch with them. I receive text messages, but those are so limiting. I can sometimes get on a video chat and show them what I was looking at, but only if we both have really good connections or WiFi.

What happens when I’m out and about and I see something great, or want to express something, and text doesn’t cut it, and video chats are not an option? There were just so many things you couldn’t do easily with a phone.

Then we started to think about times when a phone isn’t available. If I’m sitting at my desk, I don’t want my text messages going off every 30 seconds, or what if I want to talk to my 8 year old who doesn’t have a phone, but does get time on her computer. Why should my text messages, videos, and pictures be restricted to my phone? There had to be a better way.