Finally We Can Communicate

Now we had a way to communicate, we could bring expression, emotion, passion to our messages. But that was only part of the problem. All this new super human communication power didn’t do us any good, if it was limited to a select few.So we dug deep into our super-secret layer, and we found the answer, hidden away in a deep dark corner, our programming guides.

With the power contained within these fine guides, we were able to create a new breed of communication application, one that worked not just on our phones, not just on our computers, but it even worked on our XBOX 360’s. Now we can communicate using the same powerful tools across every major platform, from our iPhones to our Androids, from our Androids to our Windows Mobiles, from our Mac’s to our PC’s, from our PC’s to our XBOX’s, and we might not even stop there! No we must bring this power to all, we must stop communication injustice, and we must fight on!

For that, we need your help! Our super human powers are only so powerful, and the world is a very dangerous place. We need you to join our team, to give us the power to bring true communications
power to all the corners of this great world.