Stitching It All Together

image2All these types of messages were great, but they didn’t really do us any good if it was difficult to send to someone or we couldn’t control how they played out on screen to make sure it was just perfect. Nobody likes to send a long text message and have it show up all out of order. It makes it confusing and hard to read.

Now imagine if we wanted to send a text, Comicon, Animation, and Sound effect all at once, and they came out of order. You would have your bowing emoticon before your speech, and your applause sound effect would come before your voice diatribe. We just couldn’t have this. So we used our super human programming powers to create a way in which messages could be played out, and guaranteed to play out in the perfect order, just like a movie. (And then we filled the 64 page patent on that creation).

With our message composer, you can create a message consisting of exactly the right media elements that you want, and put them in the exact order they will be displayed. Then when your message is received, it plays out just like a movie on screen, tap the play button, and watch as your communication comes to life!