Communications Doldrums

dimitrosIn the beginning of time we communicated with grunts, finger pointing, and animated sound effects. As time progressed we express our communication more intuitively by adding cave paintings and frame animations by drawing out different frames of events on cave walls. But then our communications started to go downhill as we invented more advanced ways of communicating.

Sure the written word became far more powerful, but as we started sending letters via runners on papyrus paper, we lost some of the ability to communicate our emotions and feelings that we had with direct face to face conversations.

We improved on this by creating faster means of delivering the written word via postal services, but even that was lacking. So we created the telephone, the fastest means of communication anywhere, any time, and things got better. Our communications could now at least carry part of our emotions through the inflection in our voice, and they could be two way.

But as we have strived to make communication more and more efficient, we have once again lost our abilities to include depth to our conversations. These days, our communications are dull and boring, usually amounting to a hand full of words quickly typed onto a tiny screen and sent across the world with no emotion, no imagery, and no depth. We have once again entered the dark ages of communication.

These communication Doldrums have got to end! We as an advanced race are losing our very ability to express ourselves, and that’s the lighter end of it. How many times has my wife gotten mad at me because I was being playful in a text, and she thought I was mad or serious because she couldn’t hear the joking inflection of my voice? How many times have I not understood the seriousness of a
conversation because I couldn’t hear the stress in someone’s text message? How many times have there just not been the right words to convey what I wanted to express. No more we say! It’s time to …