Time Frame

We are currently in beta for iOS version, and plan to be in beta for Android version at the end of September. This beta will be open to Kickstarter contributors during the Kickstarter fund raising phase.This will be a time when you can play with the app and give us your true opinions.

Because as great as we are, we know someone is going to find a bug or come up with a better way to do things. If all goes well, we will also be launching Mac OS, Windows 8, Windows RT (Surface) and Windows Phone versions to beta by the end of September. We are already working on developing these versions and now that Surface and the Windows Phones are available, we will be working to test on those and get ready for you guys to chat it up.

mobileosfeat-logohead-600 We will be running the beta primarily in English, but as the beta progresses we will start offering the app in additional languages as well. Our goal is to go live with the app in all of the top 10 internet languages, and if all goes well on Kickstarter we will also launch with servers on each major continent (Sorry Antarctica, there just aren’t enough people down there). Of course this is technology, so the only real guarantee we can give, is that, it will get done.